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Hole in One

Homemade Carnival Game – Hole in One!


You Need "a Hole" for the Ball to Drop.



Frame keeps the Ball in play and adds a challenge.


Supplies for Hole in One Game:

bullet point Putting Green made from thick green outdoor carpet or fake grass cut into putting shape with holes for the golf balls.
(Large carnivals (200 or more children) may wish to have two or three putting greens to allow several children to play this carnival game at the same time.)
bullet point Sloped foam pad (about 2 – 3 feet long) cut identical to the putting green -OR-
bullet point Large Piece of Plywood with a hole cut for the ball to drop (see image above) 
bullet point 2x4 Lumber pieces and nails and possibly one taller piece of lumber to prevent the golf balls from rolling away
bullet point A few putters of different sizes (be sure to have at least one small plastic putter for the preschool children who would like to play)
bullet point Golf balls – have some plastic balls for younger children
bullet point Masking Tape, sidewalk chalk or cones to show children where to stand
bullet point Carnival Prizes – consolation, and others (depending upon how you set up this carnival game) 

How to Make this Carnival Game:

There are a few different ways to make this game, so first you need to decide which way is best for you.

Using a Large Piece of sloped Foam:

First, cut a shape for your putting green, out of the artificial grass. Next attach the foam for the final 2 - 3 feet of your putting green to have a slope for the golfers. Next, cut holes for the golf balls to drop through to the ground. Finally, build a wooden frame to keep the golf balls in play for the game.

Using a Large Piece of Plywood:

For this set up you will cut the plywood in a rectangular shape. Next, add a hole for the ball to drop. Next, add the 2 x 4 wood pieces to the frame.

The pictures above show a golf game that has a foundation of a piece of plywood with added 2 x 4 frame to keep the balls in play. At the end of the "green" you will see the turf stops short and that give the game more challenge than just the additional obstacles as shown in top photos.

Game Setup:

Before the carnival, set up your putting greens and tape to show children where to stand.

How to Play the Hole in One Game:

Typically, children are given 3 chances to put from the line and make it into one of the holes on the end of the putting green.

Depending upon how difficult your game is set up - choose your prize levels.

For example, if a player gets 3 holes in one, they receive a top prize (this will be rare!) If a child sinks 1 or 2, they receive the medium prize. If they do not get a ball into the hole they receive a consolation prize.

Additional Hints & Tips:

It is best not to allow children to walk down the putting green to continue to hit the ball more than one time – you do not want them tripping on the lumber – allow carnival volunteers to pick up the balls.