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Float Your Boat Carnival Game Idea


Float Your Boat - Carnival Party Game 

Supplies for Carnival Party Game - Foat Your Boat:
12 Foam Floating Boats
Mini Pool (we used 2 large stacked plant saucers found at a garden center)
Sharpie to mark numbers on the bottom of each boat
Blue Food Coloring (optinal)
Carnival Prizes 

How to Play the Float Your Boat Matching Game:
Before your carnival party, put your boats together (have the kids help you - this is a fun craft). Also, using a permament marker and number the bottom of the boats with numbers 1 - 6. (you will have two sets of each number for 12 boats)

The goal of this game is to choose 2 boats and match the numbers on the bottom of each boat to win a prize.

Party players are given 3 chances to pick two different boats each time to choose boats with matching numbers on the bottom. If the numbers on 2 boats match, they win a prize!

This game is a fun alternative to the duck pond carnival game. The duck pond carnival game is especially loved by todders but the float your boat carnival game is seen as a game older kids can play too! 

Also, we show this as a mini game, but feel free to use 24 boats in a larger pool of water for the matching -- it makes the game more challenging and the kids will love it!

Warning: Because this game involves water, be sure to have an adult present with this game at all times! 

Carnival Party Supplies & Prizes for the Float Your Boat Carnival Booth!

 floating-toy-pirate-ship.jpg  felt-pirate-eyepatch.jpg    
Easy Boat Craft for Game 
Felt Pirate Eyepatch Prize     



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 minipop2.jpgCarnival Savers Tip:

This carnival game is perfect if you are short on space if you choose to use a "mini pool" as the example shows.  Also, if it rains you can bring it indoors but be sure to NOT use food coloring in the water inside the house for easier clean up! Also, you can set the game up in a corner in your kitchen or a extra bathroom with a towl under your bucket and you are good to go! 

Warning: Have an adult present at all times with any water game involving young children. When finished, empty out the water to keep all children safe!

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