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Cake Walk

Carnival Booth Idea: Cake Walk!


12" Square Plywood Decorated Cakewalk Number.



Add Numbers to Ping Pong Type Balls for Drawing.

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Cake Walk Floor Markers Cake Walk Game Spinner


Short Carnival Savers video/gif shows children walking in a cake walk.

Supplies for the Cake Walk Booth:

bullet point Tables with tablecloths to display cake walk goodies and to hold Ticket Box etc. 
bullet point A way to play music (cell phone with external speakers etc.)
bullet point Space to place numbers on the floor or ground in a circle (8 - 12) 
bullet point Carnival Spinner (sold below) or 
bullet point Ping Pong type balls in a bowl with added numbers added
bullet point Floor Markers with numbers for players to stand (if laminated paper - strong tape to keep them in place)
bullet point Winners Stickers to reserve baked goods
bullet point Ticket Box and Game Sign
bullet point Homemade or Purchased Cakes, Cookies & Treats* (Donated by stores, or baked or purchased by volunteers from the school or church)
bullet point Consolation Prizes (optional -to provide a small piece of candy for those who do not win a treat)

Game Set Up:

Before your event, you will need to find a location that can accommodate a large circle for the numbers. Many times this booth is setup indoors in a cafeteria if at a school carnival.

For many larger schools or churches, say 300 or more students, they opt to run two cake walk circles at the simultaneously as the cake walk is a very popular booth at most carnivals and the lines tend to be long!

Also, keep in mind it is best to have the numbers spaced a few feet apart, to give the players ample room to move one the music starts. (see good example of spacing this game on grass above)

Indoor Game Setup:

Cake Walk Games that are located indoors can use pieces of card stock with numbers taped on the ground. It is ideal to laminate your numbers as well, but in all cases it is recommended to tape around the entire perimeter of the number securely so kids don't trip while walking.

Of course, the cake and goodie tables can be right next to your game if you choose an inside spot to run this game. 

Outdoor Game Setup:

Cake Walk Games located outdoors can be located on a large field or in the parking lot tool If in a parking lot, you can use sidewalk chalk for marking off numbers. Just as above, be sure to allow several feet in between each marker to allow room for players to walk.

Generally, it is not a good idea to have baked goods outside in the sun. So if you have your Cake Walk Game outdoors, you can locate your dessert tables inside (or at least on a covered walkway to keep the frosting from melting! 

How to Play the Cake Walk Carnival Game:

First, set a minimum number of folks required to play.

For example, if you have 8 numbers on the ground, you may decide at least 6 players are needed per game.

Players stand on one of the floor numbers while waiting for all to take a place and wait for the game to begin. When the music is played, the participants walk around the circle in one direction on the floor numbers.

When the music stops, so do the players who all make sure they are standing on a number. The carnival booth volunteer then spins the spinner (or draws out a number from the bucket) to see who wins!

The carnival player whose number is drawn wins a packaged goodie! All other players receive a consolation prize if you choose to give consolation prizes at this booth.

Note: For the winner, the booth volunteer can hand them a sticker that shows they won. The winner then picks out their treat and places a sticker on it to show it has been "claimed". At the end of the carnival, they can come back by the Cake Walk Table and pick up their treat to take home!

Additional Hints & Tips:

Note: Remember that all ages of folks love to play the cake walk carnival game!! We have seen 2 year olds to grandparents enjoy a chance at winning a cake, so be sure to have plenty of cakes to give away and have two games running as mentioned above for larger carnivals to help prevent long lines at this booth!