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Budget Ball Toss

DIY Ball Toss Carnival Game Idea

DIY Carnival Game - Ball Toss 

Close up of this Game to show the wooden frame.


Balls will roll so place this game close to a backstop or wall.


Short Video/gif below shows a boy playing this game outside at a school carnival


Supplies for this Game:

bullet point 70 - 120 Large Colorful Plastic Cups - enough to fill your wooden frame
bullet point 2 x 4 Wood Boards to make a square frame - about 3 feet square 
bullet point Paint (optional) for the frame
bullet point 12 - 24 Hollow Balls (NOTE: baseballs would be too heavy - ping pong type balls would be too small and light)
bullet point Large Bucket or basket to hold balls for this game 
bullet point Carnival Game Sign
bullet point Stand Behind Lines - can use (Sidewalk Chalk, Hula HoopsSmall Cones, Thick Rope or Pool Noodles)
bullet point Consolation Prizes and Winners Prizes - See Ideas below!
bullet point Ticket Box

Make This Easy Game:

Weeks before your event, make this wooden frame and purchase the game supplies listed above.

Game Set Up:

Before your event, place the game frame on the ground and add an assortment of colorful cups until the frame is filled (to prevent the cups from tipping over.)

Have a few different "stand-behind" lines to allow younger children to stand closer to this game.

How to Play:

Carnival players are given three balls for a chance to toss the balls and have at least one ball lands on a cup in the box. 

This game is fairly easy so you can require that at least 2 of the three balls need to stay inside the box to be a winner.

Add a Challenge to This Game 

Alternately - you can have players win a top prize by making sure that one of the ball colors matches a cup color to win a top prize.

For example, you choose cup colors that are red, blue, green and yellow. And the carnival players are tossing balls that match the color of the cups. 

So if a player tosses a yellow ball that lands in a red cup - that player wins a medium prize. If the player tosses the yellow ball that stays in a yellow cup they win a top prize!

Additional Hints & Tips:

Note: We always suggest that you test out your game to see how difficult it is for an average player. You can adjust your stand-behind lines if necessary. 

Also, the cost for this booth is inexpensive and everyone has a chance to win at this fun booth!