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Carrot Match

Spring Carnival Game Idea - Carrot Match!


Handmade Box from Fence Pickets hold Carrots.



Kids Choose Carrots - Try to Match Bunny's Name.


Supplies for Carrot Match Game:spring-carnival-game-carrot-match.jpg

bullet point 12 - 24 Plastic Carrot Containers 
bullet pont 3 – 4 Medium sized Stuffed Bunnies (the bunnies can be the same or different)
bullet point 3 – 4 Small Signs to Hold the name of each Bunny (see image above)
bullet point 3 Cedar Fence Pickets (not treated)
bullet point Woodworking supplies, drill, screws, saw, screwdriver, sandpaper or belt sander
bullet point Brown Crinkle Paper (to act as soil in box)
bullet point 4 ft Table - adjustable height is desirable
bullet point Paint or other way to add decoration to your wooden box (optional) 
bullet point Green "fake grass" carpet to use as tablecloth (optional)
bullet point Cardstock, Pen & Tape (to add bunny's names to carrots)
bullet point 4 - 6 Small Baskets for the kids to collect carrots 
bullet point Consolation, Medium and Top Prizes 


Make This Game:

Before your carnival, ask a woodworking volunteer to use the cedar fence pickets, saw, drill and screws and other supplies to construct a thin box as shown in our pictures. After completing this wooden box, we recommend sanding all sides and the top edges thoroughly to prevent splinters.

Optional - You can add painted lettering to the front of the wooden box.

Note: we chose to make ours 36 inches in length - it fit nicely on our 4 foot table. 

Game Setup:

Before your carnival, give each bunny a name and mark slips of cardstock with an even number of bunny names.

For example, if you have Hopper, April, Thumper and Lily as bunny names and you have 12 carrots, then make 3 of each name to add to the carrots.

(Note, make your cardstock thin enough to fit inside each egg without folding (as shown above).
We recommend you tape it inside each egg (on one side) so if the wind is blowing, the name is not blown off the table.) 

Set up your table and tablecover as shown. We used a table that allowed us to use a lower height so young children can see the table and reach the carrots as well.

Place your wooden box and fill loosely with "soil" - the brown crinkle paper. 

Line up your Bunnies with their names in front of each for players to see. 

How to Play the Carrot Match Carnival Game:

At the Carrot Match Carnival Booth, children choose 4 carrots and place them one by one in front of each bunny, trying to guess which name inside each carrot matches the bunnies.

Booth volunteers open the containers to show the player the name inside each carrot to see if there is a match.

One way to pass out winnings:

0 Bunnies Matched = a consolation prize
1 Bunny Matched = a middle prize
2 Bunnies Matched = a nicer middle prize

4 Bunnies Matched = a top prize

NOTE: Please choose an option below to make this game easier to win:

Option #1:

Make the Winnings Easier:

0 Bunnies Matched = a consolation prize
1 Bunny Matched = a middle prize
2 Bunnies Matched = a top prize
4 Bunnies Matched = a GRAND PRIZE (stuffed animal) You will only need a few of these prizes

Option #2: (our team's favorite choice)

Section off your wooden box into 4 sections - one for each bunny name. Have the children choose one carrot from each section, and place in a small basket. Next, the volunteer mixes up the carrots (or asks the child to do this) so there is no particular order. 

Now, the carnival player places one carrot in front of each bunny with hopes of matching to each rabbit. 

This gives them a 1 in 24 chance of winning a top prize!

Option #3:

The Volunteer hands out 4 carrots to the kids - one with each bunny name so the child has a better chance because they have the right carrots at the start!

This gives them a 1 in 24 chance of winning a top prize!

Additional Hints & Tips:

We love that this game is super simple and yet is very unique and looks so cute! Consider adding this one to your Spring Fling or other spring event this year!

Optional: You can also tie different color ribbons around the bunnies necks as a bow and place coordinated color ribbons in carrots for the match.

Note: Before the carnival, decide how hard you want this game to be. If this game is for very young children, you may wish to have only 3 bunnies as this give the kids a 1 in 6 chance of winning a top prize compared to 1 in 24! 

If you choose to have 4 stuffed animals the players will have a 1 in 24 chance of winning the top prize ONLY if they have 4 carrots, one with each bunny name. If you have a large carnival you can have two games running at the same time.


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