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5 Tips for an "Eggcellent" Easter Egg Hunt

5 Tips for an "Eggcellent" Easter Egg Hunt

Posted by Cathy Knight on 4th Feb 2017

If you are planning a church Easter Egg Hunt, a Community Easter Egg Hunt or even a Neighborhood Hunt for kids - see our 5 quick tips to make your activity fun for all!

1. Age Matters

It is a great idea to separate children by age, to make sure the little ones do not get "run over" in all the excitement of the Egg Hunt!

Depending on your area to hunt, you may wish to have children hunting for eggs at a different times, or you may divide your hunting area by age and let all children search for their eggs at the same time in sectioned off locations.

We suggestion dividing children into 4 Groups:

Toddlers (1 - 2 year olds), Preschoolers (3 - 4 year olds), K - 2nd grade, and 3rd - 5th grade.

Note: Be sure to have larger "Toddler Eggs" that are filled with toddler-friendly treats such as goldfish or animal crackers, packaged cereal or toddler fruit snacks.

2. Set Boundaries

Some children get so excited searching for that perfect egg, they may wander into areas that are not so safe - grass that is too tall, behind buildings and such. 

Be sure to have well defined areas for searching and tell your order kids before the hunt so they can stay within the boundaries! It is also wise to have volunteers on the perminator of your hunting areas just to make sure everyone is staying within the area set by your team. 

A few different ways to mark off your hunting areas include colorful pennant banners or hanging flagsplastic play cones or yard signs so your little hunters know where to stop hunting.

We find that Flag Pennant Banners are one the easiest way to mark areas outside - they set up in minutes and can be saved for next year too!

3. Have Treats for All

Of course this seems like an easy task, but with so many food allergies and sensitivities to all types of foods, having candy in all eggs can be frustrating for a child with a peanut allergy, egg allergy or gluten intolerance! 

We have seen many options for toy-filled Easter Eggs, but after reading reviews, wonderred if purchasing eggs with toys inside was a good idea. Most of the folks reviews talked about looking to see what small items had been added to their eggs before allowing the kids hunt for them. 

So, if you are opening the eggs to check to see what toy was added, why not have an Egg Stuffing Party? 

For an Easter Stuffing Party, you provide your own eggs and small Easter toys (we sell a fantastic discounted set of Egg Stuffers set we think you will agree is the best deal in town) and candy and have volunteers stuff the eggs, that why you are sure to know what was put inside of each egg! 

Consider adding toys to 1/3 or more of your eggs have alternative treats for kids! (The kids dentist will be glad too!)

Safety Note: As a reminder, small toys (the kind that will fit into regular plastic eggs) are NOT safe for Toddlers.

4. Add Games for Fun

While the kids are waiting for their turn to hunt for eggs, it's a great idea to have a few outdoor or carnival-style games for the kids! 

We have FREE, DIY Game Ideas that are easy to setup and play! Don't miss Ducks in a Row Spring game that uses large stuffed ducks and small hula hoops and our original Butterfly Balloon Burst that does not Use Sharp Darts

Be sure to ask volunteers to help with each game and you may with to add prizes too!

5. Add Some Activities Too!

Of course, that life-sized Easter Bunny is always a hit for pictures, but you could also choose to have a Face Painting Station too!

Tip: To save money on Face Painting, why not purchase some temporary tattoos in Spring themes and have volunteers add decoration to children's faces and the backs of their hands. For details about setting up a Face Painting Booth, click the link to get some great hints and tips about using baby wipes and more!