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Balloon Darts

Traditional Carnival Game: Balloon Darts!


Balloons in large bag ready for game.



We have other Balloon Games that do not require darts!



NOTE: This game is a favorite game and customers call to ask details on how to set this up. But, we encourage our customers to try our DART-LESS Balloon Pop game as it is must safer for all! If your team chooses this traditional Balloon Dart Game - please follow all safety guidelines and make sure adults are at the booth the entire day until the booth is shut down and the darts are stored away safely.

 Supplies for Balloon Dart Game:

bullet point Sharp Darts - Try our Dart-less Balloon Pop Game for a safer option!
bullet pont Sheet of Plywood, purchased large Cork Board with Frame or Peg Board
bullet point Pushpins or other way to attache balloons to board
bullet point Lots of small Balloons for Popping
bullet point Large garbage bags to hold inflated balloons ready for the game
bullet point Weights to secure the inflated balloons from blowing away
bullet pont Bungee Cords or Rope to Secure Game against tree or pole (if outside)
bullet point Table in a U shape to keep kids from walking through the game during play 
bullet point Top and Consolation Carnival Prizes

*Adult volunteers to oversee this game at all times

Make this Game:

Depending on your supplies, you will need to construct your Balloon Dart board with a way to secure balloons quickly on the board so they can be replaced in between players.

For a plywood board, generally you will need to add some foam or cork to allow to easily use push-pins to attach balloons.

For the Pegboard, typically folks push the balloons through the holes - but you may need a simple tool (like a knitting hook) to make that job faster - so try it out before your event!

Game Setup:

A few days before the carnival, have adults or teenagers inflate the balloons using a hand pump is the safest way!

NOTE: children under the age of 8 should never inflate balloons.(see safety information below)  Also, please instruct teenagers to remind them to hold the balloons carefully while inflating 

Also, this game should be setup so that folks cannot walk behind the game and be hit by an overthrown dart! 

How to Play:

Carnival players are given three dart for a chance to pop a balloon and win a prize! They win a top prize if they pop a balloon with the dart. Of course, everyone at least wins a consolation prize.

Important Safety Information:

Safety Note: Please follow all safety suggestions from the Consumer Products Safety Commission PDF for balloons. Please also follow all safety suggestions for Sharp Darts here from the Consumer Products Safety Commission. 

Additional Hints & Tips:

As Mentioned above, we have other alternatives to this sharp dart game for every season!

For Spring - Check out our Butterfly Balloon Burst Game - No Darts Needed

For Fall - Don't miss our Pop A Pumpkin Game - No Darts Needed

And For Halloween, add our BOO-LOON Pop Game - No Darts Needed