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Apple Challenge

Fall Festival Game Idea - Apple Challenge!


Game UPDATE - put your buckets close together!



The apples bounce around to make this a game of luck!


Short Carnival Savers video/gif shows 9 tin buckets arranged 3 in a row with a foam apple being tossed.

Supplies for Apple Challenge:

bullet point 9 Baskets, Buckets or Large Pails
bullet point 12 or more Foam Apples (could use large red balls too!)
bullet point Stand Behind Lines - we used plastic cones but you can use sidewalk chalk, rope, or large rings just to name some ideas!
bullet point Ticket Box and Game Sign (we show a chalkboard for the sign but you can use a handwritten poster-board or card stock too)
bullet point Assorted Decorations to draw attention to your game - optional (we used balloon sticks and balloons taped to our board with strong tape)
bullet point Carnival Prizes – consolation, and top prizes -  Fall-themed prizes are fun as prizes for this booth - see ideas below!

Game Setup:

Before your Fall Festival, line up the baskets or pails very close together in three rows of three and place one apple in one of the pails. (We used the middle pail, but you could start your apple anywhere you choose.)

You will want to set up your "stand behind" lines and you may wish to allow very young children to stand just a few feet away from the first pail.

Note: This game can be setup on a table too. You will need a large round or square table that holds the pails or buckets as shown in the image with several inches in-between them to make the game sufficiently challenging. 

How to Play the Apple Challenge Carnival Game:

This Game is played just like tic-tac-toe game with one player.

Each carnival player is given 3-4 Apples for a chance to get three in a row! 

This is a unique fall themed game - it looks easy but it is tough to get the apples to go just where you want them especially with all the crazy bouncing!

We suggest you set up this game and try it out!

Remember, children should "win" in about one out of 10 tries! So if it is too easy, move back your stand behind lines. Also, consider allowing younger children stand closer to "even the playing field" for everyone!

Additional Hints & Tips:

This is a super easy fall game to setup and with the apple theme is fun for school, church and other non-profits.

Note: this is great fun, especially for the older kids! Choose a neat top prize (possibly one for girls one for boys) remember, there is no middle prize for this game! 

Be Advised: this game involves a lot of bending over for the volunteers as they are picking up the bouncing apples from the ground.

Younger teenage volunteers may not mind the bending over as much as adults who may not be as flexible as they used to be - ask us how we know! ;)