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Colored Hairspray


Carnival Booth Idea – Colored Hairspray 

Carnival Booth Supplies –Colored Hairspray :
Warning: This booth must be done OUTSIDE due to the fumes from the Colored Hairspray!

Dozens of cans of Colored Hairspray (can find at discount stores approaching Halloween
look in the Halloween department)
Plastic Haircutting Capes (ask local hair salons if they have some old ones they could donate)
Disposable Gloves for Volunteers to protect their hands from becoming multi colored
2 or more Stools for kids to sit while having their do - done
Old, Clean Towels to protect the eyes of the kids from overspray of the colors
Optional: Mirrors for kids to see their new look
Optional: Handles to make pressing the top buttons of the colored hairspray easier (can be found at local building supply stores – much appreciated by volunteers and can be saved for next year) -

How to Run the Colored Hairspray Carnival Booth:
Not just for girls - set up your Colored Hairspray booth and be ready for the stampede! This carnival booth is always popular with kids and teens alike! Some suggestions – have space for the lines of kids who will wait for their new hair-do.

Be sure to have at least 2 stations – maybe 3 if you have a large school or church. (large = about 600+ kids) Also, this is tiring for the volunteers – limit each shift to 1 hour at the most! It is easy to run out of colored hairspray, so buy early and buy extras if your school or church could store them for next year!

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